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Collection of Deactivated Pistols, last update - 15th July 2021.

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NEW SPEC DEACTIVATED 7.65MM GERMAN MENZ POCKECT PISTOL in very good order with signs use to the blued metalwork finish showing no damage to grips. Deactivated with full working actions but cannot be stripped. P&P included. £SOLD
COLT 1911A1 .45CAL PISTOL here we have a Essex Arms Corp Colt Pistol, these were made up from original WW2 parts, the lower frame is certainly post war but the top slide is P marked and is more than likely Remington Rand manufactured, re-finished with a blued slide and crackle type finish to top of slide showing some signs of use with minor scuff marks in places, with a grey metalwork finish to lower frame. Deactivated with a working action, can be cocked and dry fired but will not strip down, price includes postage. Priced £SOLD
NEW SPEC UK DEACTIVATED WW1 DATED BRITISH FLARE GUN manufactured by Webley & Scott in very good order showing some signs of use to original finish as with the wooden grips, dated 1916 with matching numbers and complete with an original WW2 leather holster dated 1943. Priced £SOLD
NEW SPEC DEACTIVATED 9MM GLOCK 17 2nd GENERATION in very good order showing some signs of use to original finish and deactivated with moving top slide and trigger (cannot be stripped down) comes complete with X5 inert rounds. Priced £SOLD
SCARCE NEW SPEC DEACTIVATED 9MM NAZI BROWNING HIGH POWER in very good order showing signs of use to metalwork finish as with the wooden pistol grips. This example has matching upper and lower serial numbers, with none matching barrel, the barrel itself is an original German WaA marked piece. The pistol has various WaA marks to parts of the slide and frame and an unusual Norwegian stamp to upper rear slide? The front sight blade as been replaced due to damage. Deactivated with a working slide, trigger and hammer but will not cock and dry fire or stripped down, very scarce piece these days! Priced£995.00
NEW SPEC DEACTIVATED ORIGINAL GERMAN 9MM SIG SAUER P226 PISTOL in nice original used condition showing some signs of use to finish with minor marks to plastic grips. Comes complete with spare 15 shot magazine, X5 inert rounds, hard shell holster and deactivated with working cock and dry fire, moving slide and removable magazine but will not strip down. Priced£795.00
SCARCE MARUSHIN 9MM LUGER PO8 PISTOL believe it or not this is a replica Luger and is dam close in every way to the original same size, feel, weight and looks. Made from mainly steel parts so not the easiest to break should you drop it like many others. Will operate and field strip as per original and having the added bonus of loading and ejecting 9mm dummy rounds (supplied but not pictured) will even take original 9mm inert rounds! Comes complete with original box and manual. VCR Act applies. Priced £TBC

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